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First screenshots from new unreleased HTC flagship leak

Seems HTC may have lost a few of their upcoming Flagship prototype devices.
Here are just a few screenshot images. More coming and device photos soon. Trying to get this up before the holidays.
A few things we can mention on this device.
5.2 inch display
Snapdragon 805 not a 810 (this is a prototype)
Android 5.0.1 on board
And a aluminum and polycarbonate design. Think M8 mixed with a desire eye.
The device we’ve had the opportunity to see is clearly not production device and we anticipate changes.


Phantom Tech

HTC One Max 2014 confirmed

Looks like another leak gets confirmed. A few months back we showed you an image that showed a bigger HTC One M8. Well this now looks to be confirmed.

The HTC One Max 2014 will ship with the following specs according to sources

5.3 inch 1080p HD Display Super LCD 3 panel.
Snapdragon 805 clocked at 2.7
32gb with micro sd card support
(64gb option later)
The U.S. Version will have 3GB of ram according to sources and the Europe/Asia models will only come with 2GB of ram.
13mp duo camera on the back (OIS is not confirmed but rumored)

Stay tuned as we should have press renders tomorrow.

Also on the HTC News front, HTC confirms the HTC One Wear (not by name) by stating they have delayed the project because no one has got it right “yet”….

Stay tuned


HTC Eye going to Verizon First? Other HTC News


I’ll update this as I confirm the info.

Looks like this new HTC selfie phone may be on Verizon First. Could be a limited exclusive like we saw with the M8 launching the same day.

Also we are hearing reports that the Butterfly 2014 could be making its way to T-Mobile

Stay tuned I will update this as we confirm the info over the weekend

HTC Desire 612 coming to verizon wireless Oct 9


HTC will launch the Desire 612 on verizon wireless on October 9th 2014

The new Desire 612 will be $19.99 on a 2 year contract with Verizon.

We will update with specs shortly.

This looks to be Verizon’s answer to ATT and the Desire 610.

Specs for desire are as follows
4.7 qhd screen
Boomsound speakers
2040mah battery
8mp 1080p camera
1.3mp front facing camera
8gb storage
MicroSD up to 128gb
1.5gb ram
All metal body
Android 4.4.3


HTC One Wear, this render looks very close…

Awhile back we were in Taiwan and got to see some cool things R and D people at HTC were working on.
One was a watch called the HTC One Wear.
Here is a render of a device that looks strikingly similar. But take note… The device we saw did NOT speakers on the front. But that would be ridiculously cool in my opinion.
Image is below. What are your thoughts?