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HTC M8 for Windows Launches new top dog?



The HTC M8 for windows is official on verizon and well, if you know or used the HTC One M8 android then you know the new M8 windows. Beyond the new UI they are exactly the same down to blinkfeed.

Our only disappointment here is the M8 for windows will be questioned just as the android version for its Camera.
In every way the new M8 for windows is the most high spec windows phone to date coming with windows 8.1.1 and a premium build.
But that camera may have people over look it for the Icon from Nokia.

The M8 for windows is still a beast of a device (sadly a Microsoft exclusive) and reasonably priced. Those looking for the best build quality from android but a windows phone experience now have that option.

My question is how long will it be till an RUU or bootloader flashable file is made to convert the HTC One M8 android to One M8 Windows……  And could the One M8 be another HD2? We will soon find out.



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