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Could HTC be building a Nexus? Leaked cases seem say yes

Look I’ve been taking the HTC rumor mill on a nexus phone with a grain of salt. But not after today, source material has been literally flying in.

In the images below we see a case seller selling cases for the Nexus 6 aka Nexus x or are there both a Nexus 6 and Nexus X. I know it’s confusing.

Anyway back on point look at the images in the case. Clearly a massive phone with 7 icons in the drawer like a xperia Z Ultra.
The camera has the HTC Style and the front speakers scream boom sound to me.

What do you think. I’ve attached the images below.
Courtesy of carter71610 via twitter

The case is currently for sale as well.
This all should be interesting as Google could drop a nexus device any day. Though our sources say between October 7 thru the 9th other say literally any day. We will see and I will keep you posted




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