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How to get iOS 8 Beta today installed and working

So after seeing the presentation today at WWDC you may be itching to get iOS 8 installed on your iPhone.  For those not wanting to pay a developer fee of $99 we have a simple solution for you.


The link above will take you to IMZDL which will register your device for a fee to work with the beta ($8.00)

You need to follow all the instructions to the letter on that site.

Upon paying your device will be registered, While you are waiting for that to happen (Takes about 10 minutes) Go ahead and download the software for your device using your favorite torrent client. (UTorrent)

Once this is done (AND YOU ARE REGISTERED) (They will send an email) you can open itunes, plugin your device, Hold the shift key and click restore, Then go to the folder where you saved the software you downloaded.

Wait a few minutes as it installs the software, Then profit.

The step by step guide at IMZDL cannot be any easier.

Video coming soon how to on the Youtube channel http://youtube.com/waytoofargames