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LG G3 Launched in London (The Features)

Anissa Live from the San Francisco Event

LG’s Flagship the LG G3 is being launched this moment in LONDON.

What we have seen so far.

Laser focus, The LG G3 was displayed next to the Galaxy S5 and was simply much faster in auto focus

Keyboard, With some features very similar to BlackBerry 10, With swipe up keyboard, a stretchable keyboard that you can size to your desire.

And with its new Smart Keyboard errors in typing are reduced by 75%

REAL Metal finish, On of the first outside of the HTC One M8 to use Metal in its design.

Quad HD Display, While this is know, Looking at the phone, It really makes a difference.

Smart Notice takes a page from Motorola’s book from the Moto X, but takes it one step further, Stay tuned for more details.

LG G3 finds apps you havent used in more than a month to ask if you want to uninstall it.

Knock code displayed again as it was at MWC.

Stay tuned as we will be covering more on the LG G3 most of the day

Anissa Montoya

Senior Editor TK TECH NEWS

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