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Moto X+1 to debut at Google IO says source

With the recent leaks of the 64GB model of the x+1 by TK and @evleaks dropping what looks like the budget version of the phone. It makes what out source told us Friday that more plausible.
According to our source Motorola had an entire shipment go missing. Exact details are not known on what that means, only that several hundred of the phones may be out in circulation. Further according to the source Motorola plans to release the X+1 with the moto 360 smart watch at Google IO. This seems very likely with all of.the info coming out on this device.

Do you think Motorola’s hand has been forced by the lost shipment and leaks, or did they always plan to release the phone at Google IO let us know in the comments.

*****Update looks like other publications have pulled the image, some are stating it’s a GPE moto E, will be interesting to see what’s the story behind it, but as we stated before sources state a lesser memory and higher memory premium option, guess only time will tell. As other publications have pulled the story and images we won’t , we are leaving this here for context*****