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Moto x+1 leaks to multiple sources (Update Malicious Fake)

***Update*** According to one reader or user this render/image is a fake. In fact they claim they created it just to see what would happen. We were sent the images along with others I’m sure. We have to ask what’s the motivation for doing that. Well the person has owned up to it here in the comments. Ask them why?
That said as we stated our developer unit does not have a front facing speaker, stay tuned as we hope to see this launched at IO today.

Looks like the final images of the X+1 the finished product are coming in. Is this a coincidence right before Google IO?

The images were sent to several outlets and have been posted on forums. Before you say that’s just the moto x pay close attention to the front which shows the front firing speaker at the bottom.

Looks like this is ready for launch.