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Moto Leak Hands on massive camera and more.

Update. Take down order issued or lose the channel.

Pics and short videos on our tktechnews instagram


In this video we got some short hands on time with a moto device code named ORION, It is a base device that all this years Moto Devices will be built on, The Moto x+1, The Droid, and Droid Maxx, Thats right the regular droid is dropping the Ultra Name.
Here is what we know so far.
All will come with these ridiculous cameras on the back, All come with the Snap Dragon 800 SOC, All have 5.0 or 5.1 inch displays AMOLED, all keep active notifications, voice controls etc.
Things that have been added at least on the x+1 will be a LENOVO Theme Store, May be called Moto Theme Store, Which allows you to customize the device, Similar to what you would see in CM Roms, They also will all have customize able on screen keys.
Another new feature is “HIDE KEYS” Motorola is solving the on screen keys burn in problem by allowing the on screen keys to disappear when not in use, This is nothing new as you can find this in any custom rom, But for an OEM to bring this is Huge.

We made a good contact and look forward to our hands on time that we will be able to go much more in depth with monday or tuesday with a 4 inch model.
Also one last piece of news, Verizon is stated to get All three DROID Models and the Moto X First before anyone else.
There is talk says our source that the Droid Models could be seen on other carriers as other named motorola devices this year.


New Motorola Device to come with theme store & customizable softkeys


Update***** Take down order has just been issued for the phone. All that’s left is on instagram. This was too close for Moto and I can say ive NEVER seen a company move this fast to remove a video. Pics and short clips on our instagram. Will keep everyone posted as to whether we will be able re upload.*****

The upcoming moto device we leaked last week will come with a “Lenovo Theme Store” And customizable softkeys as we were able to see in our short hands on time.
The theme store was not functional but strangely you could pull themes from Nova launcher “in some cases” and they would install.
Another new feature in the moto software is customizable softkeys.
This device which we are told is called “Orion will not go into production” It is merely a base test model on which both the new droid and droid maxx (no more ultra name will be built on, All three devices will share the same camera, screen, processor etc, With only battery size separating them and design in the moto x+1.

We also learn the droid and droid maxx make a return to kevlar in their material and our source claims that while NONE of these devices will have a flash, They will have a unique sensor that will allow it to take the best low light photos on any phone. The sensor looks almost like a smaller lens that is black similar to the G3 laser sensor.

Stay tuned as we will be getting hands on time with the 4 inch droid mini this week.

HTC Nexus tablet and Moto X+1 leak at Google IO

Google really announced no hardware. Wearable yes, but no tablet, usually this is where the nexus 7 has been announced.
Google announced nothing on the hardware front, and further Motorola pulled back the moto 360 for undisclosed reasons.
But just because hardware didn’t get announced does not mean it wasn’t on display. Google had it right in front of you.
1st the new HTC nexus tablet was shown in an image at pocketnow that they were able to find via right on Google’s site for IO, 2nd we have the moto x+1 appearing in images with the moto 360 and this same frame image or while the guys at techno buffalo were getting footage also caught the device. (Accident? I’ll let you decide) remember we saw this with the nexus 5 as well. I like to call it a casual leak.

Some have said it’s a moto x held really low…… my only issue with that (and look the photo) there is no SIM card slot on that side of the phone exposed. If it’s a moto x there should be one right in the middle. But there is not….

But as always people will believe what by they want to believe.
I’ll say this again, remember when people said the HTC Duo camera was fake…… Yeah we all know how that turned out.

Check the images and let us know what you think.




Credit Pocketnow Nexus tablet image
Credit Google Plus and Techno Buffalo who has video of the same image above.

Moto x+1 leaks to multiple sources (Update Malicious Fake)

***Update*** According to one reader or user this render/image is a fake. In fact they claim they created it just to see what would happen. We were sent the images along with others I’m sure. We have to ask what’s the motivation for doing that. Well the person has owned up to it here in the comments. Ask them why?
That said as we stated our developer unit does not have a front facing speaker, stay tuned as we hope to see this launched at IO today.

Looks like the final images of the X+1 the finished product are coming in. Is this a coincidence right before Google IO?

The images were sent to several outlets and have been posted on forums. Before you say that’s just the moto x pay close attention to the front which shows the front firing speaker at the bottom.

Looks like this is ready for launch.