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Droid Turbo fully leaked

Despite what some call conterversy no one is doing it like this. Just saying.
Questions have been asked with total tech media taking over the other aspects of what I was doing would i close this site. NOPE. In fact here and instagram will be where devices get leaked from now on.

And lets start things off with motorola in these images we get the best look at the droid turbo yet. (Nexus images next post)

This will be my personal leak blog. And anything else I feel like talking about.
That said a Press release will come out about TTM and the buyout of the other parts of TK Media.
Ill still show up on youtube from time to time.

Now on to the good stuff.

Droid turbo.




Video of device is also going up on youtube with the nexus.

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Another image of the shamu reportedly leaks

Another image supposedly of the moto shamu aka nexus x aka Moto s leaked earlier this evening.

After checking with sources and with the publications publishing the Moto logo up in the corner (not good for the Moto employee, most likely will cost them their job) a source was able to confirm the image is that of a Moto X developer handset, something interesting we were able to find out was that Motorola has been toying with the idea of a Google play edition Moto X.

Could this image be the shamu, yes it could, but according to our source they state the moto logo tracks back to a Google play Moto x that was on testing.

I will follow up with our sources on the Google play angle as we were earlier told that it was being killed off for android silver.
Maybe with android silver being on hold GPE is coming back.

Let us know your thoughts.


Droid life

Moto X and Moto G confirmed Front firing speakers and video


Its been speculated that the New Moto X and the Moto G would have front firing speakers this is now confirmed.
Below in a video obtained by gizmobic we can see a promo video for the moto g that covers the front firing speakers.
What are your thoughts? Are the front firing speakers and improvement? We also confirm a HD display on the moto g as well.

Stay tuned for more moto coverage.