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Moto X+1 leaks, source provided information and photos

So how would you start your retirement from the NHL? Looks like I’ve started mine with a new leak on tech.
Today a source we have been working with at Motorola has provided a photo of the supposed Moto X+1
Some confirmed specs on the device are as follows from our source.
1080p amoled display
2gb ram
16, 32, 64gb of storage
Micro sd card expansion
And updated camera (source says 2 versions are being considered)
The model takes a lot of design cues from the Droid Ultra line but with more rounded corners and a return of the rounded back and dimple found on the Moto X. (Basically a bigger Moto X than what we have today)

Stay tuned as we are waiting to get some hands on time with this device and will be showing it in a upcoming hands on video.

I did ask about expected launch date, our source stated early September to very late August, this I’m told depends on the camera used in the final production device.

More photos and other images on our YouTube and Instagram feeds today

Do you think the launch time of this device may make it hard for Motorola to generate sales with the Galaxy F and iPhone 6 coming about the same time? Let us know in the comment section below


moto x+1

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