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Verizon Moto S aka Shamu aka Nexus 6 more details

As promised I would post more details on this device as they became available, Here is what we know to this point.

The Version of the Shamu leaked to us is a Verizon Model as confirmed via Swappa.

The device has no fingerprint scanner in the back as previously stated by others, (At least on this Verizon model)

2K display, Snapdragon 805 SOC, Just to name a few specs

13mp rear camera, 2.1mp front camera.

It doesn’t look like Verizon will release this as a Nexus 6 but more likely plans to call it the Moto S. (Unconfirmed Working on this)

We are awaiting more details and maybe even front panel shots later today stay tuned.

Interesting to see what this comes to be. Stay tuned for images on the way to us here.


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Motorola Shamu Screen shots showing specs leak

In this video we go over the screenshots that confirm the specs on the upcoming Nexus 6 aka Shamu, Also we are able to confirm that the device is coming to Verizon Wireless.

See the screenshot where we were able to verify the IMEI via swappa.

While it shows no model it does confirm this is a Verizon device.

Stay tuned as we get more details throughout the day.

I’m currently in Ferguson Missouri and will post as much as I can.







Android Silver is just a premium Nexus Line

There has been a lot of rumors, speculation, and even confirmed sources ………. That said the Nexus line was dead………. Um… Wrong.

As Ive stated before, Write it down, Lets make sure this is part of the record here.

While their may be no Nexus 6 (HEADS EXPLODE) There will be another nexus phone this year, Just most likely not called the nexus 6, And heres a shocker there may be TWO of them.

Android silver is a thing, Its 100% legit, But its not what people think it is.  Look Google is a business, there is a market and a need for PREMIUM HIGH SPEC Smart phones, And google has been missing that mark on the Nexus Line, (Here comes android silver).

So Android Silver will simply be a Premium Nexus Line, Thats it, It may even come with exclusive software features that regular AOSP Nexus Devices wont get. Look its no secret that Google hired people from Vertu the premium handset manufacturer, And I am telling you now that there will be a Nexus Phone and a Android Silver Nexus phone. Just like everyone else is missing the fact that there may be TWO Nexus Tablets. Look its simple google is going to get into the premium handset game. Did anyone else miss the change in direction with the OS at google IO?

With KitKat it was made to run on lesser devices, Android L will require beefier specs thats why you have Adroid One.

A lot  of people have asked my opinion on this, so there you go, there is my professional opinion on it, If they had a line in vegas on this subject you better believe I’d bet on it

Lastly is it just me, or did anyone else miss the Snapdragon 810 testing nexus tablet and a K1, Just saying………..