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HTC Nexus tablet and Moto X+1 leak at Google IO

Google really announced no hardware. Wearable yes, but no tablet, usually this is where the nexus 7 has been announced.
Google announced nothing on the hardware front, and further Motorola pulled back the moto 360 for undisclosed reasons.
But just because hardware didn’t get announced does not mean it wasn’t on display. Google had it right in front of you.
1st the new HTC nexus tablet was shown in an image at pocketnow that they were able to find via right on Google’s site for IO, 2nd we have the moto x+1 appearing in images with the moto 360 and this same frame image or while the guys at techno buffalo were getting footage also caught the device. (Accident? I’ll let you decide) remember we saw this with the nexus 5 as well. I like to call it a casual leak.

Some have said it’s a moto x held really low…… my only issue with that (and look the photo) there is no SIM card slot on that side of the phone exposed. If it’s a moto x there should be one right in the middle. But there is not….

But as always people will believe what by they want to believe.
I’ll say this again, remember when people said the HTC Duo camera was fake…… Yeah we all know how that turned out.

Check the images and let us know what you think.




Credit Pocketnow Nexus tablet image
Credit Google Plus and Techno Buffalo who has video of the same image above.