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More evidence comes in Showing Nexus X for Verizon

OK I know I know. Verizon isn’t getting the nexus x right?
Well things maybe changing.
As we got more information today and a screen shot from the actual device

See below.
Swappa has an ESN or IMEI checker that will identify a device and tell you the model and if its clean. Try it for yourself.

As we can see here we are clearly looking at a screen shot from a Nexus device or something running Android L and the IMEI is confirmed for Verizon but strangely as with the moto s no model is given.

Take it for what it is. I though the info was significant. And to me it looks like Verizon may not only get a android silver device but may also get a Nexus device.



I’ve blocked out the IMEI to protect the source.

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Source sends another Nexus 9 screen shot of Antutu

Our source sent us another screen shot of what they say is the Nexus 9 in Antutu.
Everything here looks above board to me and we are linking to their new site as well as they have more info on it.

Only question I have about this leak is the IMEI. I have been digging and haven’t seen where the device would have a IMEI. Sure nexus tablets always get the LTE varriant later but to get it first….. Is interesting.
More as this develops.
For now here is what we were sent in from our source.



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