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OnePlus customers go to Change.org out of frustration


It looks as if the OnePlus saga has taken a new twist by making the government aware of the issue.

We have seen customers file complaints with the FTC and now to see this change.org petition is really not a good look for the company OnePlus.

What do you think about this recent development?
And do you think the issue is getting better or worse?
Let me know in the comments.

On another note we have purchased a OnePlus device directly through the company….. Why you may ask. 1.) people said because we purchased ours from ebay we havent had the real OnePlus experience.
2.) The device we purchased wasnt directly from oneplus.

Ok fair points on both.
And no the company had NO Idea we purchased the device and we had a family member purchase it so that OnePlus doesnt know who which order it is so they make sure its a good phone. We are getting one luck of the draw like anyone else and will report on the device as soon as it comes in which should be end of this week or beginning of next. Cant say what process the order is in. I dont want to tip our hand to OnePlus.

If the device is good with no issues I will say so. If not… I will also say so.
Then there is no debate. Ill go through RMA is bad and… Will video each process. And the public will see either good or bad. Its that simple.

See you soon.

UPDATE OnePlus follow up, more users banned & a bribe?

Update #2 Our attorneys have got back to us and have stated they are unable to verify the email. So for the sake of being fair we will say its fake (for now). That said they still haven’t addressed the issue. And no valid reason was given for banning that member. We will continue to investigate the email. If its tracked back to them we will confirm. If its someone else we will expose them as well.

Update: So David S. Admin/chief censor in charge over at one plus forums has responded to the email issue but not the display…. Coincidence? I think not. Here is where david is wrong and gets a “Virtual TeaBag” David claims this is about adsense money…. Hmm do you see any ads on this site or in my critical OnePlus videos…. (Crickets) (and another virtual teabag) He says I’m doing it for the money and want to talk bad about the phone…… (Crickets) did anyone hear me praise how good the device was. Oh and David S. It is not about the money. Its well known from people in this tech community I’m a retired NHL player and Exec, Following my instagram etc would show I don’t need the money. But hey that was a nice deflection. See you scrambled so fast to deny this email I was sent that I think its even more legit now. The display issue you knew would fix itself but that little email wouldn’t.
Look David S. Why don’t you answer the question and stop pussy footing around it. Fix customers issues and answer their RMA requests.
And if you think I’m just trying to boost the blog LOL nice try I could do that anytime I’m on the radio at Fox Sports but I don’t. I do this because its a passion and in this case I’ve called you out and you’ve been caught red handed as lying to your customers and forum members. You can deny till your blue in the face but hey genius people see through bullshit.
In america there is this comedian name Bill Engval and well. David S and oneplus “here’s your sign”

I have to start this story by stating that our legal team is verifying the email in question. The email and I.p. match that of coming from support, but that disclaimer said here you go.

Yesterday we featured OnePlus in an episode of that’s bullshit on YouTube.
We did so because of the blatant censorship being carried out on their forums.
(Funny point the TBS is still up in their forum) Someone posted our video on their forum and at the time of this posting it hasn’t been removed. That maybe because they want to look like they are not actually censoring people. But this morning before my radio spot and my scouting I get an email from Pedro again saying he’s now been banned?? Are you serious? This is the same person that has pushed hard to get this in the news, and so you see the story on phandroid, phone arena, tech radar and others.

I’ll Say this again the actual phone is awesome I totally love it. It hands down is one of the best I’ve used. That said the company and its support behind it is actually the worst I’ve seen.
To ban a user for bogus claims is not cool, especially when that user is only asking you to follow “your” terms and conditions!
I forwarded a copy of these terms to our attorney last night and shocker….. According to counsel they are violating their own terms and conditions. Asking someone to pay 58 to 88 dollars to send back a phone “your” company made incorrectly is wrong.
There is no benefit of paying $350 for the phone if you end up paying an extra 58 to 88 to fix an issue with it.

On to the email…. We cover that in the video attached.

I really like the phone. Its a hit. But the continued stepping in dogshit by this company will sink them faster than they can blink an eye.
I really want to see OnePlus succeed. That said I also don’t want to see blatant censorship and consumers being screwed.

Let me know what you think and feel free to post your OnePlus story good or bad here. We won’t censor you.