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Motorola fires shots at Samsung exclusive deal Sept 6 (UPDATE)

According to our sources
AT&T is getting the first crack at moto maker yet again this year.
Motorola plans to open pre orders via Moto Maker and AT&T on September 6th as a direct shot at Samsung and their Note 4 event.

Pricing is $199 on a 2yr contract normally $249 (updated) and this is with Moto Maker. “It seems that this is for a 32gb model and higher pricing for a 64gb model. A 16gb model is not confirmed but could come later at a budget price.” Bringing Wood, colors, denim, and leather out of the gate.

Our source wasn’t 100% sure on denim as Moto hasn’t yet made a decision.

What do you think about AT&T getting moto maker first again, and what do you think about this shot at Samsung? Will it make a difference?

You can pick up a stock moto X+1 at ATT with no moto maker changes on September 28th as well.




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