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Sprint launches $60 unlimited everything plan but is it Unlimited?

Update at bottom.

We have told you for months about new plans and other moves sprint was making. One in particular was that Sprint was eliminating Unlimited Data. We heard the trolls and sprint fan boys cry that we were wrong its not happening.
Wait for it……. Told you so.
We don’t expect those same people to own it here but it is what it is right….

So wait Sprint just launched a new “Unlimited Plan” right? Well you are right. It depends on your term of unlimited. The new sprint unlimited plan will give you Unlimited Talk Text and Data. What they don’t tell you is after 2.5gb just like via Boost Mobile you get throttled.
Now the fine print hasn’t been dropped yet but this comes from internal docs from sprint.

What if I have unlimited data? If you have a old plan you better not change a thing on it. Even changing your insurance or features can cause you to lose your unlimited data.

As most know. I left Verizon for sprint for our business lines because of the “crap” Verizon was pulling. Now I have to admit we were lucky we got in on the unlimited before the cut off date.
But to be honest this is a real sucky move by sprint. And the new $60 unlimited plan is very misleading to customers.

Could sprint change direction? Yes they could…. But will they? I doubt it.

The public letter to all Carriers John Legere put out yesterday spelled out how to be an Uncarrier. These recent moves look like more flash in the pan stuff from Sprint.
I was seriously holding out hope for serious change. But sadly its more of the same.




The Framily plan is still available and it’s the only way to get the unlimited data guarantee.
Find this loop hole
(“Is the Sprint Unlimited Guarantee included in this new plan?

Yes, the Unlimited Guarantee is also part of the Sprint Framily plan, therefore, you will maintain the Unlimited Guarantee on the unlimited talk, text and data features as long as you remain a customer in good standing. If you choose the 1GB or 3GB data option for a line, the Sprint Unlimited Guarantee applies only to unlimited talk and text.”)

So you can still get the no throttle data. Get it while it’s hot



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