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Verizon internal document shows existing customers about to be screwed




In the above video we talk about a leak we just released concerning Verizon.

In the leaked documents we can see that starting next week that Verizon will make data plans mandatory on ANY PHONE. Let me say that again ANY PHONE, That means flip phones, and feature phones.

Further It states they may coerce customers to change their plan by offering them features and products that they most likely won’t use ANYWAY.

This could also be the end for some unlimited data users plans as well. This could be in response to the FCC asking for more details on their proposed throttling. (My advise is contact them and let them know you will leave if they touch your plan) (Another note, If you want to leave most Verizon phones <smartphones> from the last two years are compatible with T-Mobile)

This looks like another BS move by Verizon to get more money out of existing customers.

Don’t get me wrong Verizon is not dumb, They know they have 1 maybe 2 years of this price gouging left, If they let T-Mobile catch up that long, Most likely you’re looking at a year tops. So Verizon is trying to get everything it can at this point.

I’ve linked to the document for your own reading below. Enjoy.

Let us know what you think in the comments here and on youtube.



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