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OnePlus Ladies First? That’s Bullshit

OnePlus Ladies First? That’s Bullshit!: http://youtu.be/3SpAJZolpmo

In the episode of Thats Bullshit listed above we talk about how OnePlus has yet again stepped in a big pile. And how this may affect oppo.

We also send a actual teabag OnePlus way.

Let me know what you think in the comments.
In my opinion the entire executive, marketing, and support staff should be fired.
Women should share this and get the word out on this Bullshit.


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OnePlus customers go to Change.org out of frustration


It looks as if the OnePlus saga has taken a new twist by making the government aware of the issue.

We have seen customers file complaints with the FTC and now to see this change.org petition is really not a good look for the company OnePlus.

What do you think about this recent development?
And do you think the issue is getting better or worse?
Let me know in the comments.

On another note we have purchased a OnePlus device directly through the company….. Why you may ask. 1.) people said because we purchased ours from ebay we havent had the real OnePlus experience.
2.) The device we purchased wasnt directly from oneplus.

Ok fair points on both.
And no the company had NO Idea we purchased the device and we had a family member purchase it so that OnePlus doesnt know who which order it is so they make sure its a good phone. We are getting one luck of the draw like anyone else and will report on the device as soon as it comes in which should be end of this week or beginning of next. Cant say what process the order is in. I dont want to tip our hand to OnePlus.

If the device is good with no issues I will say so. If not… I will also say so.
Then there is no debate. Ill go through RMA is bad and… Will video each process. And the public will see either good or bad. Its that simple.

See you soon.

How to fix the Yellow Display issue on the OnePlus One

Despite all the Bullshit OnePlus may try to spin on the issue, their displays are having a issue with a yellow band showing on the bottom of these phones. And instead of explaining it and helping their Customers they deny the issue exists.
Now this either comes from them intentionally lying to customers and the press, Or their staff is really that dense and doesn’t understand manufacturing. (And if that’s the case they should be fired)
It really drives me nuts to see this issue and the spin and outright censorship they are doing on the OnePlus Forums, Instead of just fixing the F***ing problem.

So here’s some basic info. The display on the OnePlus One is an IPS display LCD.
When manufactured they should have some time to “cure” that means dry and get set.
With the demand they are literally shipping phones the same day off the line (That’s a NO NO) that causes this very stupid issue of the yellow band.

So how does OnePlus fix it? They have CyanogenMod try to make the display on the whole more yellow….. (Dumb move)
Instead of just telling customers “hey we shipped your device before the display cured do this and this and it will fix it”
They instead lie, backpedal, and feed the internet doctored images and a bullshit line about its a warm display. LMAO, Is it warm cause someone pissed on it?

Come on OnePlus!  Now some will say TK you’re just bashing them. Um No Wrong…. I think they have a hit on their hands with this phone. Its a beast, a monster, a M****er F***king problem for the rest of the industry.

That said OnePlus need people that actually know how to handle problems and be honest………. (Crickets)
Seriously, and they need a customer support staff that speaks English if you are going to do business here. I speak Mandarin for those of you that know me and let me tell you Google translate doesn’t cut it….

So on to the actual issue. I’ll post a new edition of the TBS in a future video.

The fix is quite simple. You can use your car (No don’t run it over) or a nail salon.
The quickest fix is the nail salon as explained in the video below.
Stay tuned as I give my full opinion on this issue in an edition of Thats Bullshit going live tomorrow

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