Time to pull up

So one of the things I wanted to do with TK Tech News the site and on youtube was to give smaller channels and outlets that may not have the financial benefits ive had to pay for leaks and devices a chance to get their name out there.

So starting this week I’m going to let smaller publications and channels submit a story linking to their site and channels. Its all about bringing people up.

In my life I’ve been blessed from sports to sports commentary, to now breaking into tech. While this is my true passion, I know it is for others as well. And if im able to give a hand up with our not so big channel and site, thats what Im about.

I’ve learned in life you have to stay true to who you are. So here we go.
So any story can be submitted to [email protected]
Make sure to link to your site and youtube channel when you do.

One of these submissions will be given one of my upcoming hands on leaks for you to have on your own channel.


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3 thoughts on “Time to pull up”

  1. Not sure if my first comment got pushed through? But this is way cool of you to do this!! Most people, like some guy named Chris, whose last name sounds like Birillo, but with a P, only care about themselves.
    WELL done TK. You Rock!!!!!!

  2. Hey TK, i came across your sight jut yesterday with the Moto X+1 bootloader video. After reading through your work and finding this article, my jaw immediately dropped. I’ll send you an email as you requested but i wanted to publicly thank you for reaching out and helping others!

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