Verizon Set to Launch the MOTOROLA Luge LTE on AUGUST 28th and Nexus X info

Earlier title said September I have corrected the error



So earlier today we posted information on the Nexus X.

People called into question this information and said it must be fake  etc.
So when that happens I contact other sources, And low and behold our Motorola Source stated not only is it legit but Moto Execs are uneasy that their big secret may get out…. Hehehehe.

But I digress, After speaking with our best buy source, They were able to confirm the info on another device we didnt have a name for but KNEW was launching on the 28th of August.

Thanks to our BestBuy source, We were able to CONFIRM the nexus info (more on that later) and get the name for this new moto device we were told about.

Motorola and Verizon Wireless are launching the Motorola Luge OR Moto Luge on August 28th and will be the first big screen of the moto devices “Specifically marketed to Verizon Prepaid Customers”

Now  our source did provide screen shots, Which will be below.  Also we find out that not only is this a BIG SCREEN but LTE is on board for the new LTE Prepaid plans from Verizon. We could not confirm the size of the screen but are working on it, And the device launches in Three days anyway.

This info should be able to confirm the other info our Best Buy source gave us on the Nexus X aka Nexus 6, Our BestBuy and Moto source say NEXUS X is a internal name but “Most Likely” will be the name at launch. The New nexus device is said to launch with no special event, Just a quiet launch and a twitter announcement sometime before Halloween.

Could I be wrong on this. Yes… But I doubt it. Too many sources at too many outlets are confirming the same things.

So there you have it, We will know in just a few days if these moto leaks are right.

And I have no problem eating crow if I am wrong, But I’m not a fan of eating crow so I usually check my info before I release it, (Even though some think I don’t)

Stay Tuned More coming.

August 24, 2014 95344 PM CDT



IMAGE ABOVE IS A PLACEHOLDER, Not the actual device…….

Oh and just to keep things fun… Heres a poll

If you think I am right or wrong, Vote below, I think Ill do this everytime moving forward so there is a record

HMMM looks like polls are down, Ill update it stay tuned



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7 thoughts on “Verizon Set to Launch the MOTOROLA Luge LTE on AUGUST 28th and Nexus X info”

  1. You have September 28th in the title and August 28th in the article. I assume September makes sense. There was a rumor a while back about a Verizon Moto being released on September 28th, although they thought that would be the x+1.

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